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Industry Expert Lorenzo Marquez Speaks At LMC Conference

On Tuesday, March 5 th , Lorenzo Marquez, president and CEO of Marqet Group, participated in a kitchen and bath trends panel discussion alongside Laurie Coton from Coton House Design during the LMC yearly conference in Houston, TX.

Moderated by Vanessa DeKoekkoek from 2020 Spaces, and with attendance of over fifty independent business owners from all across the United States, Lorenzo and Laurie engaged in a very productive conversation around the latest design trends in the kitchen and bath industry as well as marketing best practices that support business growth and build brand equity.

Industry Leading Marketing

As an experienced marketer and industry leader, Lorenzo shared valuable insights on how a company can be more strategic and proactive with their marketing outreach in order to increase market share. The fundamental points made during Lorenzo’s contributions were:

1. Establish a Value Proposition – Define what makes your business unique and
why people should work with you. This can set the customer expectation as well as set your company’s culture.
2. Have an engaging website – As a window into your business, your website
should be a reflection of your brand, and guide visitors to the right source of
information on each page.
3. Do market research – understand what your customers are looking for and how they are looking for it. Dedicate time to identify keywords that can be optimized on your website which will help drive organic traffic.
4. Engage with your audience – dedicate time to communicate with your client base or potential new clients by the use of social media or newsletters. They key here is to be consistent in timing and messaging.

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The LMC Conference brings the Group’s members together once a year for educational courses and vendor exhibits. The Group is dedicated to growing the resources available to its members by providing them with opportunities to engage and learn from industry experts such as Lorenzo.

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Our Full Service Marketing Efforts

As the leader of Marqet Group, Lorenzo’s focus is to help companies strategize their marketing activities and guide the efforts of his team in executing each company’s action plan. Marqet Group is a full-service marketing agency in Houston, TX with clients all over the United States, particularly in the construction, kitchen, and bath industries. Marqet Group’s services include strategic development, branding campaigns, web design, SEO, social media management, event planning, and press outreach. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, drop Lorenzo a note.

In conclusion, Marqet Group led by Lorenzo continues to be a cornerstone of effective digital marketing strategies, enabling businesses to elevate their online presence, engage their audience, and achieve their business objectives in an increasingly competitive landscape. Let us be your marketing think tank to transform your website & business! Contact us today.

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