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We help you grow your countertop business effectively, by building a strong brand and increasing your leads.


Countertop Marketing Experts

Developing a sales pipeline and expanding customer leads can be challenging without expertise in countertop marketing. Our team, with experience collaborating with over fifty top countertop distributors and fabricators in North America, has the skills and knowledge to position your business for success. We can help you grow your brand, expand your outreach, and increase your sales. Our reputation speaks for itself; we let our work do the talking.  Let us be an extension of your business!

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We know exactly what companies need for their countertop marketing efforts

Necessary Elements For Success

There are many key elements necessary to thrive in the countertop industry, and to achieve success. Our experienced marketing team is ready to assist you in building and growing sales, as well as establishing a strong business foundation from scratch or enhancing your existing setup.


Strategy should be the cornerstone of every business, encompassing budgeting, crafting a compelling value proposition, setting goals, and assembling the right team. Our team possesses vast experience in facilitating strategic business planning for countertop companies, aiming to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Well Built Website

Your website is the window into your business, offering customers their first impression of what it’s like to do business with you. It serves as a resource and a source of inspiration, playing a key role in building your sales pipeline. We have gained the trust of over forty countertop companies by creating search-friendly, mobile-responsive, and interactive websites to generate leads, enhance the customer experience, & drive sales.

Customer Outreach

If your main focus is on the trade community, it is vital to maintain a strong connection with them and keep them informed about your business and industry developments. It is crucial to establish yourself as a trusted leader. Our team specializes in offering customer outreach solutions and creating engaging content that will help you stay connected effectively.

Brand Definition

By establishing a distinctive brand look, feel, and voice, you can foster long-lasting recognition and support the growth of your business. Our team has the expertise and media resources to meet your countertop marketing needs, including logo and video development, sales collateral, and comprehensive campaigns.


To naturally generate sales leads for your website, it is crucial to focus on your countertop SEO strategy. This involves ensuring site integrity, optimizing content with local keywords, establishing a strong presence in Google My Business, and leveraging third-party referrals. With our team’s technical expertise and industry knowledge, we can effectively manage a strategic SEO campaign that will enhance lead generation for your business.


There may be some times when you may want to invest in advertising campaigns to support a targeted sales period or expand your audience. The key to doing so is knowing how to effectively utilize the correct channels. With our experience working with numerous fabricators in the industry, our team is well-versed in the most effective strategies to help you achieve the best ROI.


Maintaining consistent efforts and a strategic frequency is crucial when marketing your countertop business. Ultimately, it requires commitment and consistent execution, which is where our specialized team comes in. We can serve as an extension of your business, providing support in the areas where you need it most.

Social Media

Your audience is actively engaging on social media platforms and spending time interacting with others based on their demographics and preferences, likely to search for your business for validation and to assess your work. Marqet Group provides full-service social media management services to help enhance your local exposure, including content development, response management, and engagement.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in converting leads into customers. Acquiring the appropriate customer reviews is even more vital as they not only validate your services but also aid in targeting new leads through keyword optimization. As part of our Google My Business management services, we assist in response management and optimizing the feedback you receive.

Marqet Group
Countertop Marketing Team

At Marqet Group, we pride ourselves on being your dedicated team of countertop marketing professionals. Our expert team consists of skilled individuals across various disciplines, each with a passion for driving success for your business. From SEO and web design to social media management and market research, we have the talent and expertise to elevate your online presence and help your brand thrive.

Marqet Group is a Countertop Marketing company made up of experts

CEO & Founder
Lorenzo Marquez

Lorenzo Marquez is the passionate leader of Marqet Group. He pursued Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the University of Houston, kick-starting his career in the field of surfacing right after college. With nearly fifteen years of experience, including a decade as the Vice President of Marketing at Cosentino, Lorenzo founded Marqet Group in 2017. His mission was to assist surfacing companies in expanding their presence and reaching new markets through strategic solutions.

Since then, Lorenzo and his team have effectively served over sixty companies as their outsourced marketing team. Their services encompass creative campaigns, advertising, website design, search engine optimization, event planning, and social media management. Lorenzo’s expertise and industry knowledge have also made him a sought-after speaker at conferences and tradeshows, such as KBIS, where he engages audiences with insightful presentations. Additionally, Lorenzo has contributed to the industry as an executive member of the Rockheads Group for five years and served on the NKBA Board of Directors for seven years, including two terms as Chairman in 2017 and 2018.

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Grow Your Business with Our Services

Marketing your countertop business is crucial for growth, requiring a combination of skillset, consistency, and effort. Our suite of services offers comprehensive solutions that align closely with your goals and work seamlessly with you.

Attract and convert clients with a professional website.

As the leading countertop marketing company in North America, we know what data is most important to help you manage your business and measure ROI:

  • Traffic analytics to help you measure product popularity and plan your inventory levels.
  • Keyword placement analysis to improve search engine result placement.
  • Website conversion data to help you measure your team’s closing rate.
  • Social media reporting to analyze what best suits your audience.
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Drive organic traffic to your website and build your lead pipeline.

Are you in the countertop business and looking to boost your online presence, attract more customers, and ultimately grow your business? Look no further than Marqet Group, your trusted partner in countertop marketing and SEO.

  • Keyword Research: We begin by conducting in-depth keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords in the countertop industry.
  • On-Page SEO: Our team of experts will optimize your website’s on-page element including content to ensure search engines like Google understand the relevance of your website to countertop-related queries.
  • Content Creation: Engaging and informative content is the cornerstone of SEO success. We create high-quality blog posts articles and guides related to countertops to establish your business as an authority in the field and attract organic traffic.
  • Link Building: We build high-quality authoritative backlinks to your website from reputable sources in the countertop and home improvement niche.
  • Local SEO: If you serve a specific geographic area our local SEO strategies will ensure that your countertop business appears in local search results making it easier for nearby customers to find and contact you.
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Stay connected with your audience and showcase your work.

In today’s digital era, having a strong presence on social media is vital for countertop businesses looking to connect with their audience, showcase their products, and drive growth. At Marqet Group, we specialize in helping countertop businesses like yours harness the power of social media through our expert Social Media Management services. Here’s a breakdown of how our services can elevate your business on social media:

  • Strategic Planning: We kick off our partnership by crafting a tailored social media strategy that aligns with your countertop business’s goals and target audience. This plan serves as the foundation for our efforts.
  • Content Creation: Our team of skilled content creators will craft visually appealing and engaging posts that showcase your countertop products and highlight customer testimonials as well as share valuable industry insights.
  • Platform Selection: We identify the most suitable social media platforms for your business whether it’s Instagram and Facebook or Pinterest and others. We’ll ensure your presence is felt where your potential customers are most active.
  • Content Scheduling: We strategically schedule posts to reach your audience at the optimal times and ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.
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Connecting marketing to your operations through your website.

At Marqet Group, we understand that efficient operations are the backbone of your countertop business. Here’s how we can help you optimize your processes:

  • Inventory Management Systems: Managing your countertop inventory efficiently is crucial. Our experts can seamlessly integrate advanced inventory management systems into your operations.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools: Building and nurturing relationships with your customers is key to your success.
  • Visualizing and Pricing Platforms: Our team can integrate cutting-edge visualization and pricing platforms that enable you to showcase your products effectively and offer competitive pricing.
  • Conversion Tracking: Knowing what drives conversions on your website is vital. We implement conversion tracking tools that allow you to monitor and analyze user actions.
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Elevating your countertop marketing with comprehensive reporting.

At Marqet Group, we understand that data-driven decisions are essential for the success of your countertop marketing campaigns. That’s why we provide a robust and comprehensive reporting system that empowers you with valuable insights into the performance of our services.

  • Customized Dashboards: We create customized dashboards that display key performance metrics in a clear and user-friendly format. These dashboards are tailored to your specific goals and preferences. Ensuring that you have instant access to the data that matters most to your countertop business.
  • Performance Metrics: Our reports cover a wide range of performance metrics including website traffic and keyword rankings. As well as conversion rates and click-through rates. This comprehensive data allows you to gauge the effectiveness of our marketing strategies.
  • Competitor Analysis: Understanding your competition is crucial. Our reporting includes competitive analysis and helping you identify strengths and weaknesses for opportunities to outperform your rivals in the countertop industry.
  • Trend Analysis: Our reports include trend analysis enabling you to identify emerging patterns and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. This flexibility ensures that your countertop business stays ahead in a dynamic marketplace.
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Trusted By The Leading Fabricators

Trusted by top stone fabricators across the United States, we offer a range of solutions and act as their dedicated marketing team. From small projects to comprehensive strategies, we’ve got it covered.

Countertop Marketing Resources

With our extensive experience in assisting companies with marketing their countertop business, we provide a range of tools to help you plan, strategize, and expand your footprint. We’re always delighted to offer a complimentary consultation and provide a personalized report highlighting areas where we believe you can benefit the most.


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